Essays by Haywood

For some years our Managing Director Haywood Milton has written occasional articles about Rolex watches on a number of specialist fora. It is our intention to publish a number of them on this page.


In January 2019, a pleasant gentleman brought this watch into the Miltons store in Birkenhead, asking for an offer to buy it. We think the watch may have been left by his father, as he then sought his mother’s approval…  Read More ❯

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This lovely example of a Rolex GMT-Master model 1675 has a case number in the low 3-million range.     It has the Mark II dial, most easily identified by the distinctive characters and spacing used in “ROLEX.”    …  Read More ❯

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There is much light beyond certain wave-lengths which we cannot naturally see, unaided. A portable UV torch like the one below can be bought online for a few pounds. It will reveal aspects of watch dials, especially luminous material, that…  Read More ❯

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The model 5513 was for nearly thirty years the “classic” Rolex Submariner, following its launch in 1962. However, in those decades its dial above all else went through many iterations. Even small differences or unusual features now excite the collector….  Read More ❯

In the original, manual wind Daytona ranges there had not been a bicolour (steel and yellow metal) option. The bicolour Rolex Daytona Cosmograph shown below is one of the first of the new,self-winding models introduced in the late 1980s, using…  Read More ❯

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The very first Rolex Submariner was launched in 1953. It went very quickly through a number of short-lived permutations and model references before settling down as what would become the classic 5512 and 5513, made from 1959 and 1962 respectively….  Read More ❯

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