Buying a Watch

Our watches are available to buy ONLY in one of Miltons four high-street stores in North West England. Miltons is a fourth-generation family jewellery business with over 100 years of history and over 80 staff.

We regret that we are unable to move watches between stores on demand. All our stores are within about 30 minutes drive of each other. Watches will be available at the St.John’s store in central Liverpool unless the description specifies otherwise.

We do not offer any mail order or internet sales facility. This website is designed to assist those customers who wish to preview our stock, are able to attend our physical stores and can purchase in person.

Customers may pay a 10% deposit on a watch * The balance must be paid in full within ten weeks before the watch will be released to them. Conditions apply so please ask in-store for details. * A small number of the watches shown here are unredeemed pledges from our pawnbroking department; until paid for in full there is a slight possibility (statistically around 1%) that the original pledgor may reclaim their watch. In such circumstances our liability to a retail client who has paid a deposit will be limited to the funds they have paid so far, which will be repayable by a method equivalent to that in which they were paid. Please visit our FAQ page for more details, but note (1) paying in full for a watch which is an unredeemed pledge will completely remove this risk and (2) there is no such risk attached to paying a deposit on our other secondhand watches.

Please note that we have strict anti-money laundering policies in place. We can see no legitimate reason for anyone to NEED to pay amounts of cash over the equivalent of the 15,000 Euro limit and it is our policy not to accept such payments, nor indeed any where we have reason to suspect it is connected to crime or tax avoidance.