Pawning a Watch

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You would not think twice about someone borrowing money against the security of their home. That is called a mortgage and millions of people have one.

You may have a valuable asset on your wrist, against which you can borrow significant sums in minutes using a different type of agreement: a pawnbroking loan.

Miltons (Liverpool) Limited, S.S.Milton Limited and M.S.Milton Limited are well-known specialists serving those clients who wish to borrow money against their watches. We can see you without prior arrangement and have private offices available in-store upon request.

Our watch team are also trained pawnbrokers, so please call them for a friendly chat on 0151 708 6766.

A pawnbroker in the UK will typically lend up to about 60% of what he thinks a watch could be sold for.

You will need some good, current identification such as a photo driving licence or a passport, with recent utility bill.

Pawnbroking loans are arranged under a standard consumer credit agreement. Please refer to all the key information including rates etc. in the pawnbroking section of our main website,

Miltons (Liverpool) Ltd, M.S.Milton Ltd and S.S.Milton Ltd are all separately Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for consumer credit matters. Our Contact Us page will show you which company offers services in which location, while all relevant licence details etc may be found on our FAQ page.